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For reasons that are almost too numerous to list - marketing, sales, psychology, trust building, perceived professionalism, etc. - the way your website is experienced by users should be foremost in your mind.原因为何,几乎不胜枚举 - 营销,销售,心理学,建立互信,自觉的敬业精神,等等 - 您的网站是由有经验的用户应该在你心中认为最重要的方式。 The following eight important reminders will get you going in the right direction, but you're the one who knows your customers (or should) so the finer points of personalization and "character" are up to you.下面的八个重要的提醒将让你在正确的方向前进,但你是一个谁知道这样的个性化和“性格”的细节问题你的客户(或应该)是你来决定。

  还有更多的比“可用性”,因为互联网是一个互动的空间,而不是单向的网络重要几件事情。 You want to improve the visitor's experience, make choices simple, be pleasing to the eye and not overuse the flashy add-on du jour.您想提高访客的经验,使简单的选择,是悦目,而不是过度使用华而不实的附加大谈特谈。 In addition, your site will tell visitors a lot about your company just from the way it looks, loads and functions, before they even read a single word.此外,您的网站会告诉游客只是从外观的方式,加载和职能有关贵公司很多,阅读之前,他们甚至一个字。 The importance of creating an attractive, user-friendly website simply cannot be overstated.创造一个有吸引力的,用户友好的网站的重要性,根本不能被夸大。

1. 1。 The importance of focus. You need to think like your visitors do. 重点重要性。你需要考虑你的游客都喜欢。 This is key to your site's success.这是关键到您的网站的成功。 Your customers simply want to find what they need, make the payment and get back to real life (jobs, family, tennis, whatever).您的客户只是想找到他们需要什么,使付款,好回到现实生活(工作,家庭,网球,其它)。 If you can make their lives a bit simpler and easier, they'll reward you for it.如果你可以让他们的生活简单一点,更容易,他们会回报你的。 If, on the other hand, you make their lives more complicated, they'll "surf away" and stay away.如果,另一方面,可以使他们的生活更加复杂,他们将“冲浪距离”和远离。

2. 2。 The importance of understanding the medium. You are not creating a slideshow, a YouTube video, a TV commercial or a PowerPoint presentation. 该培养基的重要性认识。您还没有创建一个幻灯片,一个YouTube视频,电视广告或PowerPoint演示文稿。 You are building a website for commercial purposes.你正在建设一个网站用于商业目的。 You need to provide easy, simple, clear navigation on every page, since you never know how people will link to your site and what they will see first.你需要在每一页上提供方便,简单,清晰的导航,因为你永远不知道人们如何将链接到您的网站,他们所看到第一。 Visitors to your site, no matter how hard you try, will not always go where you would like them to go, or do what you want them to do.您的网站,无论你如何努力尝试,游客不会去的地方,你总是希望他们去,或做你想让他们做的事。 Remember that, and give them a few tools to move around the site, like a sitemap and/or internal search engine.记住这一点,给他们一些工具来移动网站就像一个地图,和/或内部搜索引擎。

3. 3。 The importance of non-aggression. Most Internet users, especially experience ones, like to stay in control of their movements. 这次侵略的重要性非。大多数互联网用户,尤其是经验的人,喜欢住在运动控制他们。 Research suggest that your first-time visitors are "hunting," not "deciding," so do not make unnecessary demands for clicking, scrolling, resizing windows or anything else.研究表明,你的第一次游客“打猎”,不是“决定”,因此没有就点击,滚动,缩放窗口或任何其他不必要的要求。 Neither should you put up any roadblocks that will slow down their hunting, like time-consuming "Flash and splash screens."你也不应该提出的任何障碍,这将减缓喜欢耗时的狩猎,“闪存和启动画面。”

4. 4。 The importance of reduced load times. Tied into #3 is the notion of your site's real and perceived "speed." 时代的重要性降低负荷。三绑成#是因为人们大都在您网站的实际和“速度”。 Carefully consider each page element and make each one earn its place, based on functionality, not "wow" value.仔细考虑每个网页元素,使每一个获得它的位置,在功能的基础上,而不是“哇”的价值。 Keep graphic file sizes small and do whatever else you need to do to have a fast-loading, easy to use site.保持图形文件大小的小,做任何你需要做的,有一个快速加载,易于使用的网站。

5. 5。 The importance of customer needs: Define all the kinds of people you expect to visit your site and consider what they'll be looking for. 客户需求的重要性:定义要寻找所有种人,你希望访问你的网站,他们会考虑什么。 Ensure that the navigation design helps the greatest number of people to find the most popular items in the least amount of time.确保导航设计帮助尽可能多的人找到在最短的时间内最热门的项目。 Don't "bury" essential information so that visitors have to dig down two or three levels to find it.不要“埋葬”的基本信息,使游客能挖了两个或三个层次来找到它。

6. 6。 The importance of simplicity. Flash is powerful tool, especially helpful in demonstrating things that are difficult to describe in words, but it is so pathetically overused that it has turned people off. 简单的Flash重要性。是强大的工具,特别是在证明有用的东西的话,很难描述,但它是如此可怜被滥用,它已经变成的样子。 It can be a huge distraction, too, since animation and bright (moving) colors are exceptionally hard for our eyes to ignore even when our brains want to.它可以是一个巨大的分心,也因为动画和亮(移动)颜色是我们的眼睛格外难以忽视甚至当我们的大脑想。

7. 7。 The importance of proportionality. Although Javascript is used on some sites to display all the links to the other pages, there is really no reason to do this when simple, straightforward, low-overhead HTML works fine. 相称的重要性。尽管JavaScrip是用在一些网站来显示所有的链接其他网页,实在没有理由这样做时,简单,直接,低开销的HTML工作正常。 When you employ a "new, improved" or more complex means of doing something - anything - you have to take into account browser compatibilities, possible bugs and user resistance.当您采用“新的,改进”,或更复杂的方式做东西 - 任何东西 - 你要考虑到浏览器的相容性,可能的错误和用户的抵制。 Don't use more technology than it takes to accomplish something cleanly, clearly and consistently.不要使用比需要更多的技术来完成的东西干净,清晰和一致。

8. 8。 The importance of avoiding surprises. You should use the expected, usual and standard placements for expected, usual and standard site elements. 避免重要性的惊喜。你应该使用而预计的,通常的和标准的网站元素的预期,通常和标准的展示位置。 Site navigation is not something you want to be too creative with, as it needs to be immediately understandable and usable.网站导航是不是你也想成为创意有了,因为它需要立即理解和使用。 Such consistency across the World Wide Web is actually a good thing, as it tends to make people's lives a bit easier when they feel they are in "familiar territory."万维网上的这种一致性是其实是一件好事,因为它往往使人们的生活更容易一点时,他们觉得他们是属于“熟悉的领域。” Generally speaking, your various website components should look and work as people think they're supposed to.一般来说,你的各种网站组件的外观和工作的人认为他们应该。

To borrow from Oscar Wilde, consider also the importance of being earnest.借用奥斯卡王尔德,还考虑被认真的重要性。 More specifically, you want to be seen as being earnest, meaning that you want every visitor to understand, implicitly if possible but explicitly if necessary, that you are doing everything possible to make their site visit a simple, straightforward experience.更具体地说,你要看到被视为儿戏,这意味着你要了解每一位游客,如果可能的,但明确暗示如果必要,你会尽一切可能使他们的网站访问一个简单,直接的经验。 "No muss, no fuss" is a great slogan to remember. “没有弄乱,无事”是一个伟大的口号记住。

Therefore, rather than get caught up in profound design metaphors or using your bandwidth to display every possible website trick and/or treat, you should focus on making your site into a solution for your customers.因此,与其陷入深刻的设计隐喻或使用您的带宽,以显示每一个可能的网站欺骗和/或治疗,你应该专注于制作成一个为客户解决您的网站。 Make it easy for them to do what they need to do and then get on with their lives.很容易让他们做他们应该做的,然后让自己的生活。 Perhaps the most important thing you can give a site visitor, then, is respect and appreciation.也许最重要的事情你可以给网站访问者的话,是尊重和赞赏。



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